May the best team on the day win, and this is true today for Avondale. Manly began the final round a game ahead and only hoped to hold on to that advantage, unfortunately Avondale proved too strong on the day and have taken the Honours of Silver Shield Winners of 2019. Well done to them all and to all our opponents in the lead up to this final match. Well done. Thank you also to all hosting Clubs and Team members, it has been a truly enjoyable Competition and we look forward to coming together again in 2020.

Team members were Tam Dougherty (Captain), Beth Haskins, Vicki Cotter, Linda Lea, Dee Paul (who unfortunately was injured and had to stand down), Caryn Wallis, & Virginia Wozniak.

Special mention goes to Judith Haverfield and Carolyn Gibbons who played in all 7 matches and to Marianne Rudd who came in as a late addition as Reserve.

Tam Dougherty- Silver Captain