In recent weeks we have noticed some irregular patches and streaking on greens. Up until last week they presented as relatively low grade bleached yellowish lines,  but have become more pronounced over the last week or so.

Initially, the patches and streaks had been under observation and diagnosed as an oil or fuel leak from a piece of machinery.

After analysing all of our machines with a fine tooth comb we have been unable to determine any leakages that may have caused the damage.

Through a process of elimination we are now treating the damage as disease activity that may have spread through foot and machinery tracking which could explain the irregular nature of the patterns the damage has presented itself in.( I.e. Streaks and blotches).

It is extremely uncommon, but not unheard of to be experiencing this type of disease activity at this time of year, but it is thought that the unseasonably warm conditions through May and June may be a contributing factor to these current issues.

The main affected greens are 1, 2, 4 & 9 with more isolated symptoms present sporadically on other greens throughout the course.

The damage is largely cosmetic and we do not anticipate that it will affect playability at any stage.

Rest assured we are as always working hard behind the scenes to rectify this issue.


Kind Regards

Luke Partridge
Course Superintendent