Played on Sunday 29 Sep . . . and the winners were Judith Bradgate and her son Adrian Bradgate with 50 points!

The Club’s Match Committee is pleased to announce the creation of a new Manly Family Cup (previously referred to as the Parent & Son/Daughter Trophy).

Open to both 5 and 7 day playing members the concept of the event is to build on the Club’s ever growing family atmosphere by allowing Fathers and Daughters/Sons and Mothers and Daughters/Sons to compete together for a major trophy.

To view the events full Terms of Competition please see the below link.

Manly Family Cup TOC (2019)

The inaugural Manly Family Cup will be played in conjunction to the visitors day coming up on Sunday 29th September.

Please be reminded that the time sheet for this day will open two weeks in advance and visitor’s golflink numbers will be required when booking. It’s strongly advised that these are obtained in advance.

For those wishing to compete in the event please note that you must mark your card with a ‘Q’ (as per the Terms of Competition).

The Committee hopes to see as many Parent & Children pairings compete as possible.