With the forecasted inclement weather members are asked to remind themselves of the Club’s Lightning policy and also Rule 5.7a of the Rules of Golf.

These are as below;

Lightning is generally considered a risk and below is a risk warning to members and guests.

Any time there is lightning activity, there is a significant risk of being struck by lightning on a golf course. It is the responsibility of members and guests to check weather forecasts and to ensure their own safety with regard to lightning before using the course or bowling green. It is a condition of entry to these areas that members and guests acknowledge that they do not rely on the Club to ensure their safety from lightning. Members and guests are advised that if caught in a thunderstorm the Club’s designated safe areas are the Main Clubhouse, the Course Maintenance Facility (located beside the 2nd green and behind the 9th green) and the Bowler’s Pavilion (located beside the practice fairway).

Members and guests will need to assess for themselves whether the route to these areas is comparatively safe from lightning.

Rule 5.7 Stopping Play; Resuming Play

a When Players May or Must Stop Play

During a round, a player must not stop play except in these cases:

  • Suspension by Committee. All players must stop play if the Committee suspends play (see Rule 5.7b).
  • Stopping Play by Agreement in Match Play. Players in a match may agree to stop play for any reason, except if doing so delays the competition. If they agree to stop play and then one player wants to resume play, the agreement has ended and the other player must resume play.
  • Individual Player Stopping Play Because of Lightning. A player may stop play if he or she reasonably believes there is danger from lightning, but must report to the Committee as soon as possible.
    Leaving the course is not, by itself, stopping play. A player’s delay of play is covered by Rule 5.6a, not by this Rule.

If a player stops play for any reason not allowed under this Rule or fails to report to the Committee when required to do so, the player is disqualified.