Dear Members,

The loss of the large Hills Fig to the right of the 12th green following the recent rain event has created more opportunity to deliberately play up the 12th fairway when playing the 16th hole from the back teeing area. Playing the 16th hole in this manner unnecessarily endangers other golfers and is strongly discouraged.

Replacement trees will be strategically planted and will eventually screen the 12th fairway from the 16th tee.

To ensure the 16th hole is played as intended the Match Committee have considered a range of options to trial.

Effective Saturday 15th February for all Blue course events (including match play) the 16th hole will be played from the 13th ”White’ teeing area. The 13th hole will be played from the normal blue tee.

On occasions when two groups are on the 13th teeing area those playing the 16th hole have priority.

This course setup was used very successfully for the 2015 Australian Senior Amateur tournament.

Signage has been placed on the 13th tee to assist during this trial and we welcome any member feedback.

GUR 12th Hole

Due to the recent removal of the tree some turf damage has occurred in an area to the right of the 12th green and has been marked as GUR. Members may play from the GUR area or take free relief under Rule 16.1a.

Area in question depicted above.

MGC Match Committee