We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to continue to play golf through the Covid-19 crisis. As one of the very few sports available, combined with restricted travel due to coronavirus, golf clubs have seen an unprecedented demand from their members and the general public to play golf. As many more people get to play and enjoy golf this can only be very positive for the future of our game.

Many thanks to our wonderful staff who have done an incredible job over the last two months maintaining the golf course in immaculate condition and providing many terrific and innovative member services in the Clubhouse.

The further easing of restrictions from Monday, the return of many other sports and some greater travel opportunities are another welcome step along the road to normalcy.

Resumption of the Golf Programme

Although we still need to be extremely vigilant and continue to adhere to social distancing practices, Covid-19 “Rules of Golf” modifications and social gathering limits, from the 1st June we will be able to resume our Special Events and annual Match Play Knockout events. The Terms of Competition for some events will be varied to fit within the condensed playing calendar. 

The programme will commence on Tuesday with the women’s Golf NSW Medal and Eric Apperly Cup. The men will get their events underway next Saturday with the June Monthly Medal and the President’s Trophy. The revised fixtures schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

Matchplay Golf

  • Revised play by dates for events already underway will be updated on the ‘’Draws & Special Results” section of the MGC website, app and noticeboard and members will be notified via email.
  • Any events not yet commenced will be re-advertised and players must re-nominate.
  • With many matches to be played within reduced playing windows, members involved in these events are advised to contact your opponent(s) as soon as possible to arrange your match(es).
  • Where possible members are encouraged to arrange their match on a weekday to ease the pressure on the weekend timesheets.
  • Matches may be booked in advance of the timesheet opening by contacting the Golf Shop.
  • For other than Special Event days there will be no restriction on match bookings, however the Golf Shop will spread matches to ensure tee time availability for other members.
  • Where a two-tee start is in effect matches may start from the 11th hole using a tailored match index.
  • Singles matches will be combined within one tee time.
  • To check handicaps the Daily Handicap Look Up Charts are posted on the noticeboard outside the Golf Shop or use the Golflink daily handicap calculator. If assistance is required please check with the Golf Shop.

Note: All matches must be played by the end of round play by date. Any un-played matches will be decided by a coin toss as prescribed in the events “Terms of Competition”

Optional Competition Golf Trial.

On other than Special Event days, as a trial until the end of July we will continue to offer members the option of playing in the competition or socially. So far we have had a number of positive comments and during the trial period would greatly appreciated your feedback. This can done via email to Scott Cain on scott.cain@manlygolf.com.au

Pace of Play

As the days shorten and our Special Events and Match Play events resume it is important that we all maintain the terrific pace of play since recently resuming playing in fours. The most important point is to always keep up with the group in front. Losing ground significantly impacts those behind and every minute lost adds significantly more time through the field. Now is a good time for us all to review the MGC Pace of Play policy, the recommended timings and the many useful ways we can save time during our round. The pace of play policy can be viewed by clicking here.

Our Course Marshals do a great job keeping the field moving and they are doing what is asked of them by the Match Committee. If your group has lost ground please follow their instructions and catch up as quickly as possible. This way all members will get to enjoy their golf without any undue delay. 

Miscore App

The miscore app is proving very successful and popular amongst members. The many additional features it offers including Rules of Golf, Local Rules (both permanent and temporary), and distance measuring are particularly useful.

The first batch of mobile phone holders went very quickly however the Golf Shop have more on order.

The Miscore App is the preferred method of scoring, however we do understand that for a variety of reasons some members may prefer a scorecard. Commencing on the 1st June, under strict Covid 19 protocols, scorecards will be available for those members wishing to use one. Please ask one of our Golf Shop staff for assistance.

Extension to Penalty Area on 8th & 18th Holes

The red penalty areas on the left hand side of the 8th and 18th fairways are to be extended to assist with the speed of play and remove any confusion as to the correct course of action should a ball be in or lost within these areas.

Rule 17.1d

When it is known or virtually certain that a ball is in a red penalty area and the player wishes to take penalty relief there are 3 options.

  1. Stroke and distance i.e. replay the shot from the position of the original ball.
  2. Back on the line relief
  3. For a red penalty area only take 2 club lengths lateral relief no nearer the hole.

Note: The “reference point” for taking this relief is where the ball is determined to have last crossed the edge of the penalty area.

Penalty: 1 shot in both stroke and match play.

Pennant Golf

Golf NSW have recently advised the proposed resumption of our men’s and women’s Major Pennant and Division 1 Grade competitions for August and September.

Our women’s team are in a strong position to defend their Division 1 title. Our men’s team will face a home and away match against Fox Hills to remain in Division 2 and are looking forward to the challenge.

In Closing

As restrictions continue to ease the Club is gradually returning to normal. Thank you to all our members for your patience and understanding throughout these challenging times.

Should you have any queries or suggestions please contact one of your Match Committee representatives.

Good golfing!

Phil Howard (Chairman), Alison Andrews, Brent Haverfield, Tony Smith & Gavin Fish.