As it appears that the COVID19 curve has flattened, I think it appropriate to congratulate and thank you for the way in which you and our staff have worked through this difficult time and have managed the Club’s affairs during the pandemic.

You deserve our congratulations for the novel and innovative ways in which you have kept the club functioning, supplying groceries, meals and alcohol and even providing a delivery service for those older members not able to attend personally to pick up their orders. Not only did this provide a service to our members but it also ensured that the wheels were turning financially.

You also deserve our thanks for providing a safe environment where the members could maintain their contact with the Club and continue to exercise with a minimum of risk. You have enabled us, very importantly at this time, to remain in touch with our Club and you have ensured that the Manly Golf Club family remains intact and united.

The corona virus is still with us and it will be some time before the Club is restored to normality but I feel that you have all done a wonderful job so far and that the members should be very happy that the Club is in such good hands.

This brings me to the second part of my message.

The pandemic is an exceptional event, almost unpredictable and certainly uninsurable. Who knows what the future holds. How many more of these unexpected and virtually uninsurable events can our Club survive even with the best laid plans?

That’s why a healthy Foundation is essential for our future.

I recently received an invoice from the Club for my monthly account. For the first time I can ever recall, it showed a nil balance. I would normally have spent around $200 and because of the pandemic, I have saved that $200. This doesn’t seem to me a fair and legitimate saving. This money really belongs to the Club. So I have decided to donate this amount to the Foundation for its “War Chest” or “Fighting Fund”, the fund that’s there to protect the Club against unexpected and uninsurable events.

Now, that donation by itself is insignificant and almost meaningless. I know that everyone of us has taken a hit from the virus with share and property values reduced and with a flow on to superannuation but I would still have spent my $200 at the Club.

Let’s say 100 of us (200 would be better) made a similar contribution, it would produce $20,000  ($40,000) which would provide a much needed boost to the Fighting Fund.

Our Club is certainly worth protecting and it’s not until events like this pandemic arise that the need for a healthy Foundation come into focus.

Please charge my account with $200 and pay it to the Foundation and let’s hope there are hundreds more.


Kind regards, 
Glenn Coyne