Please find below answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Booking System Trial. 

  • The trial is for Saturday and Sunday timesheets through the month of September. 
  • The Saturday nomination sheet opens at 6pm on Saturday evening 2 weeks prior to play. 
  • The Sunday nomination sheet opens at 6pm on Sunday evening 2 weeks prior to play.
  • There is no rush for members to nominate as they have until the following Thursday evening to nominate. 
  • Members may nominate as an individual, a pair, a three or as a group of 4. Individuals and pairs will be grouped together.
  • The ballot is conducted on the Friday (8 days prior to the weekend of play) by the General Manager & Golf Coordinator.  Nominations are exported onto a spreadsheet and a randomly generated number provides each groups position in the ballot. 
  • Groups are placed onto the timesheet within their nominated time. If that block is oversubscribed the group will be given the next closest tee time.
  • The Saturday & Sunday timesheets will be released at 6pm on Friday afternoon, 8 days prior to the weekend of play.
  • If a timesheet is oversubscribed members not obtaining a tee time will be placed onto the waitlist in order of the position they are drawn from the ballot.
  • If a member remains on the waitlist and does not obtain a game they will be allocated a tee time for the following week at their preferred time.

I hope this explanation provides comfort relating to the equity and transparency of the system.

Nigel Gibson
General Manager