Board & Committees

Board of Directors 2019



President:  Glenn Coyne



Vice President: Mason Paynter

Captain: Phil Howard 


Vice Captain:  Michael Krohn 


Treasurer: Andrew Parsons 


Jack Lutz informal

Director:  Jack Lutze


Director:  Bill Walker 


Director: Nick Debenham 



Director: Jane Williams 




PRESIDENT: Denise Ford

CAPTAIN: Allison Mueller

VICE CAPTAIN: Alison Andrews


Monday Program: Helen Patience

Jungle Drum & Prizes: Philippa Barr


Monday Program:  Susie Webb


Prizes: Christine Shute


Junior Girls: Jodie Lord


‘Learn to Golf’ Program: Kylie Tallack

‘Learn to Golf’ Program: Carolyn Gibbons




SUB COMMITTEES                                                   CHARTER


Finance / Audit  
A Parsons (Chairman)
N Gibson
N Debenham
W Walker
M Paynter

To assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to:
Setting the parameters for the club’s annual operating and capital budgets with input from the GM and financial staff.
Reviewing and providing analysis of the financial reports including but not limited to the Statement of Financial Performance (Profit and Loss), Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), rolling cash flow statement, budget and investment reports with a view to monitoring the club’s performance in achieving its objectives against its strategic plan.
Oversee other financial matters such as capital project funding, subscription levels, delinquent accounts, cash flow projections and cash management and insurance.


J Lutze (Chairman)
P Howard
M Krohn
A Mueller
N Gibson
L Partridge 

To facilitate and encourage the Course Superintendent in the implementation of all course actions in the Strategic Plan. This includes all activities related to the presentation, care and maintenance of the course; the development together with the Match Committee of the Landscape Master Plan; water strategies; and Special Projects associated with the consolidation and refinement of the reconstructed course.

Together with the Course Superintendent and General Manager, prepare annual maintenance and capital expenditure budgets for Finance Committee approval.


J Williams (Chairman)
M Paynter
N Gibson
A Parsons
D Ford 

To focus the group’s activities around driving new memberships (with a bias towards ladies and also 7 day) and secondly focusing on the retention of all members in their various categories.
Constantly review membership categories and player numbers via monthly reports.
Oversight of the new member application, interview and induction process.
Review preferred locations for reciprocal clubs, foster relationships with ‘like’ clubs within these areas with a view to engaging into reciprocal arrangements.


P Howard (Chairman)
M Krohn
A Mueller
P Baird
S Cain
N Debenham

Preparation of the annual schedule of golf competitions and events. Development and implementation of Match Committee policies and procedures. Oversee the pace of play policy. Determining the conditions of play and results of golf events and managing all matters affecting competitions, matches and general play on the course. Providing referees when needed for events. Adjudicating on rules of golf. Framing local rules in accordance with the rules of golf. Instructions relating to course designation, placement of tees and pins in conjunction with the advice of the Course Committee. Overseeing handicapping, course ratings and score card design and production. Maintaining a register of winners of all major competitions. Maintaining honour boards and perpetual trophies.  Oversee all operational issues with regards to golf development, particularly juniors; from the beginner level to the elite.  Responsible for all operational issues of pennant. Discipline relating to golf matters. 





Golf Shop: (02) 9907 9553

Clubhouse: (02) 9948 0256

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General Manager Nigel Gibson 9948 0256
Course Superintendent Luke Partridge 9977 7180
Director of Golf Philip Baird 9907 9553
Finance Manager Lisa Wilson 9948 0256
House Manager Catherine Williams 9948 0256