Dress Code / Etiquette

‘Our Club has an appropriate dress code, and we ask that all members and their guests respect it. It’s all part of what makes Manly Golf Club, the experience of being here, so special’.  – MGC President, Mr Glenn Coyne

On the Course

Consistent with the service standards of the Club, smart attire is required at all times.

  • maar01_style_for_dummiesMales are required to wear collared shirts (tucked in), long trousers or tailored shorts with short white ‘no logo’ socks (or long socks), and golf shoes without metal spikes. Please note anklette socks are permitted however sockettes are not. For clarification see complete guide to MGC dress regulations by clicking on ‘Dress Regulations’
  • Female attire should be of an equivalent standard.
  • Denim clothing, track tops, leisure suits, shirts carrying messaging are specifically not permitted.



  • Golf shoes should be worn on the Course at all times.
  • Ripple soles, metal spikes or thongs are not permitted.


In the Clubhouse

  • Golfing attire is acceptable throughout the Clubhouse but neither shorts nor golf shoes are permitted in the Dining Room.


In setting these rules for the use of the golf course, the Club’s management is not attempting to restrict the enjoyment obtained from playing the course. In fact, it is necessary to follow certain procedures to ensure maximum enjoyment of the golf course, clubhouse and grounds for all members and visitors.

If you are in doubt concerning your attire please check with our golf shop staff who will happily assist you.

In addition:

  • Mobile phones are permitted in locker rooms only.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the golf course.
  • Course staff have right of way at all times for the appropriate provision of services.

The Half Way House:

The opportunity for golfers to have a brief break at the after the 10th hole is an enjoyable part of our club spirit. Whilst there are some potential difficulties in maintaining this break opportunity, there is a level of co-operation expected from the membership in making it happen and maintaining reasonable play progress for the groups coming through. Players taking a break at the halfway house are respectfully requested to take no more than 5 to 8 minutes.

The Play Through Policy:

Where a group elects to stop at the Half Way House for refreshments, and the group immediately behind elects not to stop and arrives on the 11th tee in front of the group who has elected to take a break, the following guidelines apply:

If Group A can be seen in transit from the Half Way House to the 11th tee, Group A has priority on the 11th tee, even if the group ahead of Group A has hit its seconds on the 11th hole and are out of range. In this instance, Group B must wait for Group A to hit off before playing on.

If Group A cannot be seen in transit to the 11th tee, (meaning Group A is still in the Half Way House) and Group B has arrived on the 11th tee and ready to play, and any group still on the 11th has played its second shots, Group B automatically assumes the tee and takes priority in field position over Group A.

At all times, both Group A and Group B are subject to the overall Pace of Play conditions and timetable for the day.

Calling Up on Par 3 Holes:

The Club’s view is that this activity does nothing to substantially increase the pace of play unless there is a lost ball involved in the playing group ahead, or some other delay necessitating a call up.

Players Late for their Tee Times:

This is not acceptable practice and greatly handicaps keeping our fields on time. In the context of speeding up play, players who are late arrivals are accommodated later in the field if possible. A group with one or more late players may tee off at their scheduled time without these players or wait to be rescheduled if and where possible.

New Members and Pace Of Play:

It is important that all new members are alerted to the Pace of Play aspects of the club in their membership processing. The new members Proposer shall take ownership of the responsibility of ensuring a new member understands the policies and can meet his/her Pace of Play obligations.

Tips to speed up play:

Before Teeing Off

  • Be aware of your actual hit off time and the relevant first tee.
  • Be at the first tee several minutes before your actual tee off time.
  • Prepare your scorecards, organize your kit and make your ball selection before the your tee off time.


When You Are Playing

  • Move between shots at a brisk pace, and be ready to play your next shot as soon it is safe and your turn to do so.
  • Watch where your ball goes and additionally, watch where the balls of other players in your group go to assist with the groups playing speed.
  • Find your ball first and if safe and practical to do so, play your shot before going to help find another player’s ball. Remember that the rules of golf limit the time to search for a lost ball to 5 minutes.
  • Promptly work out the distance, club, and shot type as soon as you arrive at your ball as opposed to starting the process only when it is your turn to hit.
  • If your group is falling behind the group in front, adopt a ‘hit when ready’ approach while observing safety and courtesy at all times.
  • Keep up with the other players in your group at all times.
  • Avoid multiple practice swings
  • Play a provisional ball if you think your ball may have gone out of bounds or into an area in which it may be hard to find. The rules of golf allow for that to be done.
  • Become familiar with the basic rules relating to a ball going into a hazard, a lost ball and an unplayable lie.
  • Mark the card at the tee between tee shots rather than holding up play unnecessarily.


On And Around The Greens

  • When approaching the green, look for the route to the following tee and park your bag/buggy on a line between the flag and the most direct route to the following tee.
  • If your ball is the most distant from the hole, and it is your turn to putt first, move promptly to your ball on the green and have it cleaned and ready to putt as soon as the other players reach the green.
  • Avoid endless or extended examinations of lines and borrows when there is a playing group behind you.
  • The player most distant from the hole putts first and the other players line up their putts while waiting.
  • Commence the ball cleaning and line up process on arrival to a green and not only when it is your turn to putt.
  • Putt out on short second/third putts unless the putt out would interfere with another player’s line or another good reason to delay.
  • After you have putted out, and if you are not called upon to attend the flag, move to the exit point on the green that is in line with the route to the next tee.
  • When all players have putted out, promptly vacate the green and move to the next tee.

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